Our Services


Our aim is to learn to speak and understand and think in English. This means fun activities: games, songs, theatre and drama, and dance! By using highly affective activities, children’s learning and retention is maximised. It’s been proved.... we have many years of experience!


Students studying at secondary school need a lot of HELP! We know teenagers need to do things they enjoy to express themselves. And we have a few tricks up our sleeve! By doing their own project work they can invent, design and produce their own language, while practising the vocabulary and structures they have to study at school. We also HELP them to prepare for their school exams, to understand the course content better!


A lot of our students come because they need English for work or other purposes. We HELP professionals... from Architects to Zoologists! For this reason, we specialise in one-to- one classes for adults. The course content is decided by the CLIENT.


We prepare you for official exams. Years of experience and success training for Cambridge FCE and CAE, TOEFL, Trinity ESE, and EOI i proves d’acès.


Over twenty years of visiting companies means a wealth of knowledge of production systems, quality control, logistics, import and export, finance and administration. Come to us, or we will come to YOU!

Translation and Correction

We also have a text translation and/or correction service to HELP you produce the BEST possible books, websites and blogs. We even have experience with VOICEOVER for online videos.

About Us

Helping You to help yourself

HELP is unique. We are a 100% person-oriented, needs-based, non-prescriptive English language tuition centre. Based in Sabadell for over 5 years, we are now moving, expanding and developing in order to meet our clients’ needs. It’s simple. Each of you is a friend in need. And we are here to HELP you, to provide you all with the language tools you require for the future. Our love of the English language is a vocation that we want to share with you.

Our Process


HELP created an exercise for English learners to practise reformulating texts. An application was designed and developed by David Wells and David Perelló in early 2016. FLO stands for "First Letter Only".


Welcome to HIT, our new and latest scheme... theatre classes for children given IN ENGLISH! Kids can design and enact their own performances in front of the family with the HELP of our staff...Awesome!!


One of our aims is to continue to develop and expand relations with local schools. We are open and transparent!


We invent! We design! We develop! We use! Ideas that YOU produce, we work together to create games, theatre, excursions... whatever we can!


Our activities don’t just take place in Star Street! We also want to organise more excursions to the countryside, exhibitions, theatre, concerts... whatever you want!


We are a local business. We support local business. We promote local business. We want to work with shops, bars and restaurants and other associations because HELP means helping EACH OTHER.

Meet The Team

David Wells


David Perelló


Ariadna Albareda


Pricing Table

  • 12€ per hour
  • Access to Website
  • All online exercises
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • 15€ per hour
  • Access to Website
  • All online exercises
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Composition correction service
  • 25€ per hour
  • Access to Website
  • All online exercises
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Composition correction service
  • Individualised course content
  • from 25€ per hour
  • Access to Website
  • All online exercises
  • Composition correction service
  • Travel expenses 10km radius
  • Monthly invoicing with IRPF

Contact Info

HELP Sabadell
83 Star Street
Sabadell, 08201, Barcelona
P: 636 071 123